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No stranger to meeting the best people of my life or bumping into friends of friends on Craigslist, once again I bought a piece of furniture to stage a condo in the Mission from a CL seller who, after chatting about growing up in San Francisco, turned out to be an old teammate of mine from Presidio Middle School Girls’ Softball circa 1989! All I had to say was “Mr. Santini” and we were both cracking up over our super perverted Girls’ Softball coach, who just eyed all of us 11 & 12 year old girls in the creepiest way. Of course we may have just made that up, as pre-teen girls bent on creating drama in their lives will often do.

Anyhoo! Lauren was selling a small bistro table with a glass top & 2 chairs that I desperately needed for a Home Staging project. Here is the set in her garage…

It had great bones & shape, but was the absolute wrong shade of textured milk chocolate brown & kinda reminded me of something out of the late 80’s, of our softball playing days. It needed some serious updating so I turned to my favorite DIY tool: Spray Paint.

She sold me the bistro table set for next to nothing ($50!) and then to modernize the color, I continued to spend next to nothing on 2 bottles of black shiny spray paint at Lowe’s. Each can was 99 cents! I was lucky that with the already textured metal, I only had to wipe the base clean with a wet cloth. No sanding or priming needed at all. Phew! Look how it turned out:

I have to say that of all the spray painted DIY projects I’ve done so far, this one turned out to be my personal favorite. That metal base with the glass top is stunning, and now looks like something out of a West Elm catalog, instead of a cast off stored in an old teammates garage, right? Who’d of known? Super fast, super easy and best of all, super cheap! Love that.

thank you Catherine Ngyuen Photography for making my DIY projects shine like gold!