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How about mixing Pumpkins with Peppers to spice up the Autumn decor?Peppers in decor

For those who know me well, you know I’m all about bright colors. But I also love mixing in bits of nature & greenery into my decor. The way I usually do that is with a floral bouquet that we pick from the backyard or flowers bought inexpensively from Trader Joe’s. Here’s my front window today:

But oooh I got inspired during a Sunday trip to our local nursery Sloat Garden Center on 3rd Ave & Clement:

Pumpkins & Peppers! I’d never seen purple chili peppers like these before! Mixed with orange pumpkins and decorative cabbages, along with the bright yellow & red chili peppers, this is a unique & colorful autumn decorating idea that I’m definitely going to steal. And I failed to ask the gardening crew at Sloat, but I think you can even eat the peppers after the season ends. Even better, multi-tasking decorations! Love that.