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It seems that these days everyone is in love with succulent plants, from interior designers to household gardeners, and with good reason. Not only cool & out-of -this-world looking, they are also super easy to work with. Even for those out there who claim to have a black thumb, succulents are the most forgiving plants, and will survive the harshest conditions. You can chop their heads off (really!) step on them (with shoes even) and deprive them of water and/or sun for long periods of time, and they will just wait patiently for you to come to your senses and give them some love.

Notice I said they will survive. This does not mean they will necessarily thrive. However, believe me when I say that they are extremely resilient, from 1st hand experience of living with 2 young boys with a penchant for chopping & stepping on things! Attention parents with young children: these are the plants for you!

So when my 9 year old son Jakey was stuck at home with a cough last week and wanted to mess around in our backyard garden, my brilliant partner led him to our collection of succulents.

We had been brainstorming different ideas for how to create cool ways to display our growing family of succulents and this is what we came up with! Not only was it super easy to put together, but my 9 year was able to do it with little help from me and all of the required supplies we already had at home. That is my kind of DIY project!

-Part of any type of Succulent plant
-Piece of bark (ideally with hole in it)
-Handful of sandy soil mixed with some gravel
-Plastic bag, scissors, rubber band & duct tape

Time: 15 minutes

Make sure you start with a healthy piece of a succulent plant with a decorative face. We broke this piece off of my Auntie Sylvia’s large overgrown succulent.

This piece of bark came from a Redwood stump that I got from an Arborist friend. I love the texture of the rough wood against the smooth succulent leaves. Any kind of rustic wood will do.

We literally used a pink plastic grocery bag from the Chinese produce market, cut a corner off to make a pouch and filled it with loose sandy soil mixed with some gravel and added water. Fancy!

I liked how the succulent head kind of popped out of the hole at an angle, and how it gave it a little style. A little gangsta lean, some personality. Then we clipped off any additional stemmage and stuck into our pink baggie.

With my newest fave tool, duct tape, we attached the bag, stem & all to the back of the bark piece, making sure to maintain the appropriate stylish lean in the front & keeping our secret tool hidden in the back. Only you will know what a hack job it looks like from behind.

From the front you have a rustic easy succulent piece of art that even a 9 year old can make! Hang it from a nail next to other art work or I also like to display it on my mantle with a glass object, like this bird I found at an Estate Sale. I also love the combo of the green & brown with this orange ceramic horse statue. Such a cute touch of the outside world in your living room!

After we finished, my son was so inspired, he went on to fill up every available pot he could find in the backyard with more succulents, working on his Ikebana–Japanese Floral Arranging– skills. And now our front steps welcome us every day with his lovely creations.

Happy Succulents to You!