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As an avid reader, it’s always been important to me to pass along my love of books to my kids. So what better way to encourage reading, than to create a sunny corner for them to cuddle up with a good book…

Jakey with his friend Alan

We found this cool daybed on Craigslist (also gives us some much needed storage) to make the best of the warm & sunny window alongside the boys’ bunk beds. What inspired me to create this cozy corner was the nook that my sister-in-law had carved out in her living room, with the beautiful Caelie Linen Chairs she found on Overstock.com.

My favorite bookworm nieces Payton & Brianna

My nieces are literally in those chairs every single time we visit! And instead of watching TV, they will actually sit in their little reading corner quietly like little angels!

Remember to add a small bookshelf to your corner, full of the everyone’s favorites, something that ideally has a surface to hold a cup of tea or a snack. There are few things in life better than curling up with a good book & a warm cup of tea. Good lighting is also essential for your reading corner, so don’t forget to add a small lamp with a low wattage bulb, just enough to read by, but not too bright that it kills the warm ambiance of everyone’s soon-to-be new favorite spot in the house.

And remember to keep it tidy, since most reading corners will fall in important areas of the home. Feng Shui speaking, our corner is in the “Relationship Corner” of our home and in my sister-in-law’s home, their corner falls in the “Guardian Angel Corner” of their home. Two corners we definitely want to keep positive energy flowing through.

Everyone needs a cozy reading corner. We hope you find yours!