Feng Shui Home Staging

What is Feng Shui?

(Pronounced “Fung-Shway”)

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of object placement in relationship to the flow of energy that connects all things.

How does Feng Shui work?

Encouraging Flow

Flow is encouraged in a number of simple ways. First, we must remove obstacles or distractions that prevent chi from flowing freely. There should be multiple pathways into a house as one enters, not just a stairway running up and away from the central living spaces of the home. Placing mirrors to reflect and draw energy into other parts of the home is one solution. Chi also likes smooth, rounded surfaces. Soft treatments, rounded table edges, softened corners in our rooms all help the flow of energy throughout the home. Chi is personal; it travels with us and is unique to each one of us.

Finding Balance

Finding balance for each of us in our living space brings a sense of balance and well-being to our lives. In today’s homes we must balance the personal and the technological, the acting and the resting self, the community and the individual, the outgoing and the reflective.

Thoughtful Placement

Balance includes maintaining the natural in our lives, so Feng Shui Design often minimizes the glaring presence of technology, softening its role by enclosing it in cabinets, draping it in colorful fabrics, or behind screens. As an antidote to the depersonalization of our culture, Feng Shui Design encourages conversational groupings where chairs face one another and create conversation spots. Couches face each other with a table in between. Seating does not face toward the television, but at an angle to it.

Natural materials are also favored, including natural fabrics, stone, wood, and metal. In most Feng Shui Design, there is an attempt to steer away from chemically treated, unnatural products to the greatest extent possible. We also must choose pieces that we love, that reflect who we are today, as we are intrinsically connected to every object in our space. Each piece will “speak” to us and we must make sure we are attracting the right message.

Our spaces should feel good to us. They should enhance our sense of well-being; they should sustain, and rejuvenate us.

Take a moment and notice:

“Do your surroundings reflect who you are today or do they anchor old ways of being into your present?”

Use Feng Shui Design and you will attract and manifest the life you have always wanted, the love, prosperity and wellness you deserve now.