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A listing we staged for one of my favorite realtors, Anthony Navarro, just sold with 31 offers after the 1st Open House weekend! A 2 bedroom single family home behind Westlake shopping center, his client, Christine, was helping to sell the home her sister had lived in for over 50 years, but who recently had to move into a nursing home because of dementia & other health issues.
Before the house was even brought to the market, Anthony & his client received an offer for 5% over the listing price. Christine was ready to accept, to be done with dealing with the house, but Anthony convinced her that the home was worth more. Most importantly, he educated her on the benefits of investing in staging the house and allowing the market to determine the value of the home, once key areas were cleaned up, updated and STAGED!
So he brought us in and we painted over the kitchen floral wallpaper, cleaned the carpets, swapped out dated light fixtures & most importantly, brought in fresh & beautiful furnishings to infuse the entire house with new energy.
After the first Open House weekend, they received 31 offers and finally accepted an offer that was 20% over listing price. I knew that Staging worked, but even I was amazed that their $5000 investment into staging and sale preparation was able to get them a return so GRAND!