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On our last project in San Francisco’s Mission District, we decided that the target home buyer would most likely be a hip youngster who worked in the tech industry & so to stage the home, we kept that person in mind. This is always a fun part of the Home Staging Process for me, envisioning the next person to live in the space, and imagining what design & style she or he will enjoy.

Since we started with a totally blank canvas, as the entire interior of this one bedroom condo was stark white, my excitement grew. This was a home we could really inject some youthful happy energy into & get a little crazy!

Our 3 design essentials for the Happy Hipster Home:

1) Pops of color & mixing up different patterns (orange, green & purple worked like magic here, as did all the zig zags)
2) Quirky accessories (like the orange ceramic owl, vintage metal VW van & rustic wood bench used as a coffee table)
3) Artwork with dogs (this may be a stereotype, but I swear all those young tech-savvy hipsters in this City have tiny cool dogs!)

Or maybe you’re just like me and want to inject a little happy into your own home, especially during these cold winter months of rain and cloudy skies. Use those same 3 design essentials from above and I guarantee your home will get a boost of fun and someone may even start calling you a hipster.

Thank you Catherine Nguyen Photography once again for the stunning images!