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Can you tell what I’m currently obsessed with? Pillows! Bright Zig Zag patterns in particular, and always always, anything with a bird on it.

It has taken me years to listen to & follow the voice inside that knows exactly what she wants, but I feel like I’ve finally hit a sweet spot with the pillows. If you catch me at Target, Ross or TJ Maxx, I canscan the pillow aisle in 4 minutes flat & choose the most inspiring & perfect pillows for the current staging or home design project. My assistant was impressed, running after me in Ross, saying “Wow! You’re so fast! You just make up your mind like that!”

Andthat’s an important lesson I’ve learned, that when we are really clear & grounded, the voice inside us already knows what is true and what the right choice is. There’s no maybe… or sitting on the fence…or over-thinking the thing. It’s like a bell that rings clearly inside that simply says, “Yes, that’s it.”

What’s great is that we can use this clarity beyond choosing decor items for our homes. We can use it to navigate our relationships, dealing with kids & teachers, our parents and really any area of our lives. We can use it to say “Yes” when we really mean “Yes” and clearly state “No” when we clearly mean “No”. The best part about practicing this with pillows is that every day you will have a reminder sitting there on your sofa, of how you made a clear, grounded choice for yourself, that you listened & followed that voice inside instead of the confusing bullshit mind chatter. It’s like a straight shot to your heart, a clear path to the beauty & joy that your soul yearns for.

When I glance over from my desk and see that beautiful ikat patterned pillow on the armchair by the window, a wave of goodness spills over me. It’s just a pillow, I know. But in my world, it makes all the difference.