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Kids say the darndest things.

Today over breakfast my son said to me “What’s the big deal with everyone trying to live longer?” (We were talking about foods that help people’s bodies be healthier, for longer…) He continued, “Why would I want to live the longest if all my friends will be dead anyways? What’s the fun in that?”

It was one of those jaw dropping moments. I thought to myself he has a point! We spend so much of our time thinking about all the right things we need to eat and do to prolong our lives, instead of focusing our attention on enjoying the moments right now with the friends & family who are still with us NOW!

Thank you my dear son, Jakey, for your wise words and opening my eyes in a new way. I hope this helps all of you to be present to all the blessings your life is full of right now. I know it did that for me.